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Terms & Conditions

Leominster Crane Hire are CPA members and Contract lift hire and employ the following conditions:


Cranes are hired out under CPA Model Terms and Conditions, available on request. Acceptance of the crane on site implies acceptance of these conditions. No allowance is made from chargeable hours for any reason other than breakdown of the crane.

The Hirer is fully responsible for ensuring that the ground conditions are in every way suitable for the crane to travel over and work on. We accept no responsibility for any damage to roadways, manholes and covers, mains, cables or pipes (above or below ground) which may be occasioned due to the travelling, positioning or working of the crane. Any damage to machine or tyres whilst on site, is the responsibility of the hirer. The crane operator(s) supplied with our machine are at all times whilst on site under your instruction as if they were your own employees. All additional site rates or bonuses authorised and signed for are chargeable to the Hirer's account.

Any damage (cuts, tears) caused to webbing strops are chargeable to the Hirer at full replacement value.

The Owner provides indemnity against damage to goods being lifted, lowered and handled by the crane up to a limit. Please ensure this limit is adequate.

Travelling time to and from the site is chargeable at the full hire rate.

The Owner will supply his standard selection of slings and no responsibility is accepted for loss or delay if these are found to be unsuitable for the purpose required. The Owner does not accept responsibility for the correct use of slings or the method of slinging.

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