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Frequently Asked Crane Hire Questions

How do I know what kind of crane to hire?

Unless you’re an experienced professional in the industry looking to hire a crane under a Crane Hire Agreement you will require us to organise a Contract Lift for you, in which case, it’s our job to work out what kind of crane you need.

We will however require certain information from you to initially assess your requirements. This information includes for example:

  • The dimensions and weight of the load to be lifted.
  • The distance from the crane that the load will be lifted or placed.
  • Any obstructions that may impede access to the site or to lifting the load.
  • Information about the terrain of your site.

From here we can make an initial assessment about what equipment you will need to complete your job.

What is the difference between CPA Crane Hire and CPA Contract Lift?

CPA Crane Hire is when you just hire the crane and crane operator whereas CPA Contract Lift is when you commission Leominster Crane Hire to undertake all aspects of your job from initial assessment to execution. Only experienced industry professionals can hire a crane under a CPA Crane Hire Agreement. To hire a crane requires detailed analysis of the project including risk assessments and method statements, plus the provision of suitably qualified personnel for the purposes of making these assessments and supervising and executing the operation on the day. For a Crane Hire Agreement, the hirer is wholly responsible for the lift  and will also require full insurances for equipment, the load, the public and personnel.

If you are not suitably qualified and experienced to hire a crane under a CPA Crane Hire Agreement you will need us to provide a CPA Contract Lift. This is where Leominster Crane Hire assume all the responsibilities of  ensuring the correct assessments and paperwork are in place, supervising and executing the lift with suitably qualified people, providing all equipment, and providing insurance for the equipment, the load, public and personnel.

What insurance do I need?

If the lift is being done under a CPA Contract Lift Agreement, generally we insure the equipment, the load, the public and personnel. If you are hiring a crane as per a CPA Crane Hire Agreement, generally the hirer will be responsible for the insurances. If there is any variation to this, we will discuss this with you before and hire or contract lift commences.

What is an Appointed Person?

The Appointed Person is responsible for undertaking a risk assessment, preparing a method statement and planning the lift. This needs to be a ‘Competent Person’ as defined by Health and Safety legislation. The ‘Lift Supervisor’ may also be the ‘Appointed Person’ although not in all cases. The Appointed Person can delegate to the Lift Supervisor on the day so long as all the necessary preparatory work has been completed.

How much does it cost to hire a crane?

Crane hire prices vary dependent on the type and complexity of the job, the size of crane required, and any distances that may be incurred in getting to and from your site. As such we cannot give a fixed price but we can assure you that we always keep our prices reasonable and fair. Once we understand the nature of your requirements we can give you our best price.

Note there is an 8 hour minimum hire time. For first time customers we require payment up front. Repeat customers may set up an account with us.

Can you supply transport of my load to another location?

Yes we can – we work with our partners to provide transportation of your load including flat beds, lorries and hiabs. Please mention this to us when discussing your lift requirements.

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